Why Alternative Medicine is Wrong About Thyroid Testing (Podcast)

Join me for my second appearance on the Docs Who Lift podcast, where Dr. Spencer Nadolsky (obesity and lipid specialist), Dr. Karl Nadolsky (endocrinologist), and I talk about how exactly to evaluate a suspected derangement of thyroid function.

The really fun part is when we dig into precisely why T3 levels are usually unhelpful and reverse T3 levels are virtually worthless. After listening to this episode, if you’re not convinced that you overpaid for the seven pages of labs ordered by your alt med provider, well…either you’ve got too much disposable income or you’re in denial.

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8 Replies to “Why Alternative Medicine is Wrong About Thyroid Testing (Podcast)”

    1. Thanks for the information. I will have to check out these links, as you’re right, I was previously unaware of any use for it outside of thyroid disease.

    2. I did a quick read through the links, but I did not see where they talk about rT3 testing. Perhaps that is buried deeper within additional links in those documents?

  1. Thank you for this podcast…it was great! Interestingly, as a naturopath here in AZ, I am often getting these pages of useless test results, including the DUTCH tests, from functional MDs and DOs and having to “deprogram” the patients (I liked your way of using that terminology). I really appreciated your explanation of T3 and RT3, the clearest one I have heard yet. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, as well as for pointing out that my MD and DO colleagues who claim to practice “functional medicine” can do the type of stuff I often attribute to naturopaths when I’m complaining about it.

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