The internet can be a powerful tool when it comes to researching your medical problems. Unfortunately, the web is cluttered with quackery, making it difficult to find reliable information. This is what I recommend you read:

Naturopathic Diaries. Britt Hermes – a former naturopath who became disillusioned with her profession – has a website that tops my list of required reading. If you’re a patient under the care of a naturopath, you will be horrified by what you find behind the curtain. If you’re a physician or other mainstream provider…well, you’ll be horrified, too. Not surprised, but horrified nonetheless.

Science Based Medicine. Have you encountered something in the Alternative Medicine world that doesn’t smell quite right? Chances are, the folks over at SBM have an article about it in the archives.

Dr. Jen Gunter. Dr. Gunter is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist with a razor wit and sharp tongue, who rails against quackery. She’s had a field day skewering GOOP, but she also posts about plenty of other bad actors in the realm of women’s health issues.

SkepDoc. Dr. Harriet Hall’s writing is drier than Dr. Gunter’s, but she is incredibly prolific. If it quacks like a duck, she has probably written about it.

Dr. Bret Scher. As a Cardiologist, Dr. Scher has made it his mission to help people improve their health through better diet, exercise, sleep, and mental health. He is firmly in the “low-carb” camp, but he’s not your typical zealot – he understands how to meet people where they are in order to help them. He has a blog, videos, a book, lectures, and he is the host of the popular Diet Doctor podcast – which has taught me a lot. Bret also offers personal health coaching for a fee; be aware that he is a personal friend, but he does not pay me anything to plug his services.

Reflections of a Millennial Doctor. If you’re a voyeuristic layperson wanting a peek into the world of physician burnout, you should check this out. If you’re a healthcare professional, this is an absolute must-read. Dr. M is a gifted storyteller, laying out her path into (and hopefully, eventually out of) burnout.