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When the women behind The Gender Rebels Podcast contacted me for an interview, I immediately* agreed to do an episode with them.  You might ask, “HD, you seem like an anti-social misanthrope; why would you want to talk to people you don’t know?”

Well, reason number one can be found in one of my prior posts, Why I Wish All My Patients Were Transgender.  I love serving this population, so if chatting for an hour or so will help, I’m on board.  Second, it was just plain nice that someone besides Dr. Bret Scher – with whom I’ve done two podcast episodes to date – actually finds me more informative than offensive.

I had a great time answering Kath and Faith’s questions – so great, in fact, that they had to break our episode into two parts.  Yes, I’m just that verbose.  I hope you enjoy Part 1, which you can find here, or by simply searching for The Gender Rebels Podcast using your favorite podcast app.  Give it a listen, then come back here to comment if you are so inclined.


*Maybe not immediately.  I vetted their podcast by listening to snippets from a few episodes, and I liked what I heard.  I’m not going to talk to just anybody, after all.

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