As I say here, I’m not trying to sell you anything.  There is no charge for the information found on these pages.  Eventually, this blog may generate income – through advertising revenue, affiliate links, donations, or however else I decide to attempt monetization.  To further my mission of helping people, I pledge to donate 10% of any profits to charities important to me.  This page will be updated with a running list of donations on a yearly basis.  As of this writing (March 2017), 10% of 0 is still 0, so there is no donation list below.

Update, March 2018: My experiment over the past year using Amazon affiliate advertising was a resounding failure, as expected – I believe it generated all of $5.  Nonetheless, I did donate to Britt Hermes’ legal defense fund (she’s being sued by a naturopath who has taken issue with Britt’s characterization of the naturopath’s cancer treatments).  While the defense fund is not a registered charity, I felt this particular donation was important to make, to send a message that skeptics cannot be silenced by legal thuggery.  And no, I did not give 10% of 5 bucks; it was a respectable amount of money.